About Me

From the age of one, I have lived in two languages, three continents, four countries, and five schools. Throughout my travels, I noticed a prominent message deeply woven into the vibrant tapestry of each culture I experienced: the value and power of community. In each of these places, I have discovered that the key to successfully integrating into new schools, communities, and cultures is establishing solid communication skills that build trust and leadership. I strive to be an effective leader at school, at work, and in my community, making this my goal for the future.

I strive to be an effective leader at school, at work, and in my community.

Involving myself has taught me that academics are only part of the equation to my success. The rest entails maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. My diverse abilities span from being physically fit, musically sound, academically astute, and technologically savvy. The combination of these abilities, as demonstrated in my projects, work, and extra curricular involvement, have addressed my goal for the future and made me the committed leader I am today.

I am studying Software Engineering at the University of Alberta.

University of Alberta Engineering – October 2014


Born in Vancouver, Canada – 1997

Guadalajara, Mexico – 1999

Vancouver, Canada – 2001

Santiago, Chile – 2003

Brisbane, Australia – 2007

West Vancouver, Canada – 2009

Edmonton, Canada – 2015

Ottawa, Canada – 2016

Pittsburgh, United States – 2017

Cupertino, United States – 2018

Places I have lived (blue) and travelled (purple).

I remain calm under pressure
— Leland Jansen


  • Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI)

  • Drysuit Specialization (PADI)

  • Open Water Diver (SSI)

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