iOS Keyboards Intern @ Apple

May 2018 – December 2018

  • iOS Keyboards team member developing keyboard and autocorrect software for iPhone and iPad.

  • Developed a customer-facing system-wide feature that will ship in iOS to >100M customers. Responsible for both frontend and backend logic. Presented the feature to Apple's SVP Software.

  • Conjured an algorithm to measure hand dimensions using iPad's capacitive touch sensor data. Calculates hand height, span, glove size, and handedness using a single "handprint".

  • Researched machine learning techniques to improve keyboard typing accuracy. Developed an end-to-end pipeline including data visualization and labeling tools, implementation, and evaluation.



For Apple’s Weeks of Code (internal two-week hackathon), my colleagues Goutham Mani, James Magahern, and I developed Handprint, an app to quickly collect hand measurements during user studies. Users simply place their hand on iPad’s screen. Each finger’s width is captured on a separate canvas to improve accuracy. Measurements can be viewed right in the app or transferred to another app by scanning the QR code encoding these data.

I invented the algorithm that that computes hand height, span, glove size, and handedness from the raw capacitive touch data. Notably, the algorithm works in any orientation. Additionally, I developed the QR code data transfer mechanism and designed the UI.