Work in Progress

Quantus is a precision, low-cost, and user-friendly measurement apparatus for high school science labs to make experiments meaningful and accessible. The first device I am creating takes distance-time measurements at 20Hz.

Explore the algorithms and view the code on GitHub

Quantus Journal

I am writing about Quantus' development.

Labs and experiments provide students with hand-on interaction with science that enhance their understanding of the concepts. Conducting a meaningful experiment involves collecting meaningful data. Thus, the quality of labs that one can conduct is limited by the quality of the apparatus they use and the data it collects. Unfortunately, good lab equipment is typically very expensive and difficult to use therefore making them inaccessible to many schools. Students are therefore stuck dropping a ball from overhead and using their stopwatch to measure the amount of time it takes for a ball to hit the floor – a lab that puts greater emphasis on a student's reflexes than their understanding of physics (not to mention you only get two data points). 

There are countless experiments that can be conducted with a Quantus distance-time device. Some of the concepts that can be explored include:

  • Acceleration due to gravity
  • Kinematics on an inclined plane
  • Moment of inertia
  • Pendulums
  • Springs
  • Pulleys
  • Terminal velocity
  • etc.